Enjoy the unspoiled nature
of Arashiyama
to your heart’s content.

Murmurings of the Katsura River.
Breezes rustling through bamboo groves.
Sunsets painting the sky beyond the mountain.

Surrender yourself to the flow of time until the sun sets.
We have created a hotel where you can leisurely relax in comfort.

Located only a short distance from Hankyu Arashiyama Station.
Enjoy the unspoiled nature of Arashiyama to your heart’s content,
staying at a house in the mountain’s foothills.

The Hotel

The luxury of living in Arashiyama

A house standing quietly in the foothills of Arashiyama.
Passing through the small gate, you come to a spacious lobby
where there is a restaurant nearby.
The aroma of baking pizza tickles one’s nose.

This building was formerly used as resort facility
for Hankyu Railway employees and their families.
The facility was reborn in 2020 as ARASHIYAMA HOUSE MAMA
out of a desire to give many people the opportunity
to experience Arashiyama’s pristine Nature.

From the gate and roof beams to the trees in the garden,
the hotel provides the undiluted qualities of traditional Japanese houses
that have been carefully cultivated and preserved over many years.

Here, you can relax in comfort
as if Arashiyama were home.

No two room designs are alike

The hotel offers 10 spacious guest rooms for you to choose from.
Rooms with comfortable king-size beds.
Rooms with bathrooms providing garden views.
The guest rooms all have slightly different styles
because each layout is the best design
for the location of that particular room.
Each room is styled with furniture warmly handcrafted
by local Kyoto artisans in timeless arrangements,
in-house clothes even for walking outside,
each piece casual yet radiating a certain individuality.

The Restaurant

Using a rich array of natural ingredients

savor the delicate natural taste of seasonal food ingredients.
We pour effort into our pizzas so that you can
wholeheartedly enjoy the ingredients’ natural flavors.

A perilla-based pizza topped with the perfect match
of kujo spring onions and baby anchovies in generous quantities.
An oil-based pizza spiced with Manganji red pepper
and Fukuchiyama garlic.
Chewy and lightly aromatic.
Made from Japan-grown wheat, the pizza dough showcases
the delicious flavors of the toppings.

Italian dishes made with lavish use of local ingredients
that are all simple yet tasteful.
We have created a menu that you would love to choose from every day.

MAMA aims to be a restaurant that is open to everyone,
long-beloved by both hotel guests and local residents.